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Our mission is to fulfill the great commission by investing into the lives of Central American authorities and their families through high quality police training, evangelism and discipleship



Our Vision

    We envision…

  • Public safety professionals becoming sold-out disciples of Christ
  • These disciples becoming disciple makers
  • These families completely integrated into a local church body
  • These families actively participating in church leadership and church planting efforts


Integrity is demonstrated through consistency and sincerity, with no deception or pretense. Integrity’s overriding quality is wholeness. It is our desire to serve God with excellence and communicate that we love and honor Him by living a life with integrity and faithfulness to God and His Word.


Christians are called to be excellent in heart and character, and from that will flow excellence in all other areas of life. We strive for excellence as we passionately pursue the Great Commission and commitment to the vision and mission of TACTICA. We demonstrate loyalty first and foremost to the Lord, and secondly to our marriage, our children, to our teammates, and to the mission.


We celebrate open, honest, transparent and God-honoring relationships that communicate we value, appreciate, and esteem others. It is our desire to humbly demonstrate empathy and mercy when dealing with each others weaknesses. We compassionately understand that each person comes to the table with unique strengths, as well as unique difficulties, challenges and temptations.


We celebrate authenticity, genuineness and openness about our personal walks with Christ. We desire that our vision and goals be transparent, honest and straightforward. We strive for relationships that encourage and allow for admonishing, rebuking, support, rejoicing and reinforcement.


  • Building Relationships
  • Providing a solid foundation of trust for sharing the gospel message
  • Growing public safety officials in their faith
  • Connecting believers to a local church

Tactica Ministries, Inc. (T.A.C.T.I.C.A) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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